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Prefectual Tax to Grow Rich Forests
We are working on a prototype product using Kyoto Prefecture’s “Prefectural Tax for Growing Rich Forests”. Please wait a little longer for the announcement of the product.

What’s ddb

Top boards for creators are made from Kitayama cedar, which has become less and less useful over time despite its high quality, and are designed to reduce physical fatigue caused by long working hours.
The “ddb series” is a generic term for desktop environments that use these top boards.
It can be customized according to the type of business, and the necessary equipment can be placed in the right places.
The ddb series has a high affinity for comprehensive functions and aims to create a desktop environment that is physically friendly and easy to work in.

Background of the project outline

As a result of the recent changes in architectural styles, the demand for floor poles has drastically decreased and it has become difficult to use them, so the Kyokita Fine Wood Cooperative Association searched for another use for Kitayama cedar. As a result, they succeeded in manufacturing “Consolidation Plywood”.
Human Natures has launched a project to plan, manufacture, and sell a new product, a working desk for creators, using the beautiful natural grain of the plywood.

ddb series

Items will be released gradually.

ddb series : Laptop Stand

Laptop Stand

ddb series : Device Stand

Device Stand

ddb series : Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand

ddb series : Foot Box

Foot Box

ddb series : Topboard


ddb series : Hook


ddb series : Tray