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W 60 × H 84 × T 6.3mm
Compatible with iPhone 13 mini


beak mag : smartphone gripstand beak mag : smartphone gripstand

A New Era of Grip Stands
Magsafe is now supported.

3 key features

smartphone stand
smartphone stand
smartphone stand
smartphone stand
smartphone stand

Stand 1

The stand function keeps your desk clean.
beak is super comfortable with vertical and horizontal independence such as web conferencing, entertainment browsing, SNS check, etc.

Phone Grip Cracked Screen Drop Prevention
Phone Grip Cracked Screen Drop Prevention
Phone Grip Cracked Screen Drop Prevention
Phone Grip Cracked Screen Drop Prevention

Grip 2

With a hole for the middle finger and a groove for hooking the ring finger, it fits like never before.
You can’t let go anymore.


Attach (Magnetic) 3

It can be directly attached to the “bath wall / refrigerator” with a magnet.

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Excellent water resistance and quick-drying

The entire body is water resistant. It dries quickly and can be used in the kitchen, bath, or poolside.

Since it does not use brushed fabric, it dries quickly. You won’t worry again about it getting wet through.

Assembled in 0.5 seconds

It can be easily assembled by simply lifting the stand part. It’s also very easy to fold. (Patented)

Beautiful design with attention to detail

Manufactured with a beautiful design, fitting perfectly in your hand.

The design of the stand aimed at a sharp, dignified and beautiful form.

Easy to put in your pocket

The ultra-thin design allows it to be easily folded with a magnet, so it fits comfortably in your pocket without getting caught in your pocket. (4.5mm)

Strong adhesiveness of gel sheet

It will not come off or break even if 1.5 kg is hung.

If it gets dirty, it can be washed with water to regain its adhesiveness.

For smartphones with a glass back , attach a beak along with the case.
* Silicone case is not recommended

Freely replace

It can be repeatedly attached and detached so that you can use it regularly even if for a new smartphone.

Due to its compact minimum design, it can be used for smartphones of various sizes.


beak mag size

Body size

幅 60mm、高 84mm






PU, Resin, Iron, Magnet


– included –
×1 beak
×1 Instructions



Q1: What iPhone models are compatible?
The iPhone 12 is equipped with MagSafe. iPhone SE is not compatible, so please prepare a MagSafe compatible case.
Q2. I am an Android user. Is a steel ring included?
No, it is not included. Please prepare a steel ring or a MagSafe-compatible case separately.
Q3: Will there be any marks left when removing the device?
No. It is attached with MagSafe and will not leave any marks.
Q4: I know that the product is water-resistant, but can I use it in a swimming pool without any problems?
If the beak is immersed in water for an extended period of time, remove the beak from the phone and dry the product only in the sun or dry it lightly with a hair dryer to refresh the leather.
Q5. Is it possible to charge the battery wirelessly with the beak mag attached?
Due to the fact that a magnet (metal) is used on the back of the product, wireless charging is not possible with the product attached to the phone.
Q6: Does the product support NFC payment such as Suica?
Yes, it does. Please note that there is a possibility that the product may not react when attached to a thicker smartphone case.About the position to hold the device with NFC (YouTube)
Q7. Is there a card slot function?
No. The card storage function is omitted for the purpose of minimalistic design.

Information desk

In case of initial failure, please send “Request for replacement” on Facebook Messanger.



Gel Sheet




beak mag

beak mag



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