Human Natures


Improve the work environment,
physical environment and global environment.







Developing products that improve the environment for people’s lives and work.
Returning part of the profits to the earth through a nature conservation organisation.

Our policy is to be a company that contributes to society through product development. We will raise the standard of living and working environments by respecting materials, manufacturing convenient ones, and developing and selling products that will be a part of people’s lives.

In addition to the “human environment”, we also contribute to the “natural environment”.
We will devote ourselves to environmental conservation for a future where we can live a healthy life forever on a healthy planet.



More trees is a forest conservation organization founded by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto in 2007. Many celebrities have endorsed its philosophy and activities, and the organization has continued to grow and expand. The organization’s name is derived from a catchphrase that Sakamoto came up with in the course of his social activities. Currently, architect Kengo Kuma has taken over the baton from the first president.


Our lives today are made up of various materials produced by the earth. By processing them with outstanding techniques, living has become more convenient and richer.

Even though we have “developed a new material,” we have no choice but to mix and use what nature has created. People will continue to create various things by respecting the material.

In addition, the next generation will need to have wisdom and choice to improve the relationship between people and the natural environment. Born from such thoughts, we have the theme of “co-existence of nature and humankind”.

Maintaining a balance between the work environment of people, the environment of the body, the natural environment and building better relationships, is the significance of the existence of “Human Natures”.

Designer : Masashi Arimoto
Masashi Arimoto