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Steel Pad for Kitchen

What the Steel Pad for Kitchen Can Do.

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What is the Steel Pad for Kitchen?

This is an adapter that allows the beak to be attached to the wall for extended periods of time. The back of the pad is double-sided tape & is sustainable. The steel is made of stainless steel, which is magnetic, so it will not rust even in water.

This is a product that can further bring out the potential of the beak sticking function.

Design, Material

3M tape on the back side

Painted with a beautiful white paint, so it will not interfere with your view when you stick it on your kitchen wall.


Set = 2 pads, 2 spare stickers


38mm × 38mm


Official Shop : Steel Pad : beak + Steel Pad


Product development: new brand “Human Natures” launched & website released

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