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beak's Accessory Steel Pad for Kitchen beak's Accessory Steel Pad for Kitchen

beak’s accesorrySteel Pad for Kitchen


A reliable pad that can be safely left on the wall.

Please be careful with the wallpaper as it uses 3M double-sided tape.


While cooking


You can enjoy cooking while keeping the recipe on the wall. You can expect it to always taste better.


Pure White

The beautiful white painted finish does not interfere with interior design.


Stainless steel

Double-sided adhesive tape from 3M is used to hold it firmly in place. The magnetic stainless steel makes it resistant to water splashes.

Usage Scenes

Cooking recipe app.
Cooking recipe app.

All recipes are on your smartphone. Then it should be easier to use. Stick it on the wall and get comfort.

Tower series is also available.
Tower series is also available.

With tower’s push type jug, it can be easily and securely fixed.

Kitchen timer
Kitchen timer

Even in places where there is no magnetism, such as kitchen tiles or panels, the “Steel Pad for Kitchen” can be used to provide a kitchen timer.


Gel Sheet



beak Attachment


beak Steel Pad for Kitchen

Steel Pad for Kitchen