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beak smartphone stand beak smartphone stand

Aiming for the perfect grip Ergonomic design

how to use beak

This video is a promotion. For smartphones with a glass back , attach a beak along with the case.
* Silicone case is not recommended.

youtube Explainer video by popular YouTuber

3 key features

smartphone stand vertical
smartphone stand vertical
smartphone stand vertical
smartphone stand vertical
smartphone stand vertical
smartphone stand vertical

Stand 1

The stand function keeps your desk clean.
beak is super comfortable with vertical and horizontal independence such as web conferencing, entertainment browsing, SNS check, etc.

smartphone grip
smartphone grip
smartphone grip
smartphone grip
smartphone grip

Grip 2

With a hole for the middle finger and a groove for hooking the ring finger, it fits like never before.
You can’t let go anymore.

smartphone attach on the wall
smartphone attach on the wall
smartphone attach on the wall
smartphone attach on the wall
smartphone attach on the wall
smartphone attach on the wall

Attach (Magnetic) 3

It can be directly attached to the “bath wall / refrigerator” with a magnet.
With the attached attachment * 1, it can also be used for “tiles, mirrors, glass”, etc …

※1 Precautions for attachment

  • Depending on the texture of the wall, it may not be adhesive.
  • As a guide, the maximum continuous use time in a new state is about 30 minutes to 1 hour. (Recommended for use in landscape)
  • Since the gel sheet is small, it is not suitable for smartphones with a large skeleton and heavy weight. (Weight up to 7.7oz (220g) is recommended)
  • If you wash the “Gel sheet” with a little soap, the oil will be removed and it will be very clean.

So, beak ..

Water resistance and quick-drying
Excellent water resistance and quick-drying

The entire body is water resistant. It dries quickly and can be used in the kitchen, bath, or poolside.

Since it does not use brushed fabric, it dries quickly. You won’t worry again about it getting wet through.

Ready in 0.5 seconds
Ready in 0.5 seconds

You can easily make your phone stand on its own by simply lifting up the stand part. It is also very easy to fold. (Patented)

Beautiful design with attention to detail
Beautiful design with attention to detail

Manufactured with a beautiful design, fitting perfectly in your hand.

The design of the stand aimed at a sharp, dignified and beautiful form.

Easy to put in your pocket
Easy to put in your pocket

The ultra-thin design allows it to be easily folded with a magnet, so it fits comfortably in your pocket without getting caught in your pocket. (5mm)

Strong adhesion of adhesive gel sheet
Strong adhesiveness of gel sheet

It will not come off or break even if 1.5 kg is hung.

If it gets dirty, it can be washed with water to regain its adhesiveness.

For smartphones with a glass back , attach a beak along with the case.
* Silicone case is not recommended

Freely replace
Freely replace

It can be repeatedly attached and detached so that you can use it regularly even if for a new smartphone.

Due to its compact minimum design, it can be used for smartphones of various sizes.

Rear camera for high quality imaging
〜Various ways to hold〜

  • Regular
  • Regular 90
  • Low angle:Rear × 0.5 wide-angle
  • High angle:Rear × bird's-eye
  • Thumb stab:Rear × Selfie 自撮り
  • Middle stab:Rear × Sky Shoot
  • Low angle:Rear × 0.5 wide-angle
  • Thumb fist:Stabilizer for video
  • Middle stab:Watch the video
  • Between the fingers:Watch the video


beak size

Body size

width 60mm, height 73mm(only Grip-Stand)
height 93mm(Incl. Attachment)


23g(only Grip-Stand)
3g(only Attachment)




PU, Resin, Iron, Magnet


– included –
×1 beak
×1 Adhesive Attachment
×1 Instructions


Practical and multi-usage★★★★★ When folded lies very flat and makes it easy to slide into a pocket without snagging. The magnet inside is useful for attaching the phone to any metal surface leaving hands free for other things. Had a copy that finally gave out after almost four years of constant use.
Very Unique Phone stand★★★★★ This phone stand is a great combination of a phone stand and a phone grip. The stand works in both landscape and portrait mode, which for the larger phones, is definitely a plus. It also has a additional magnet so you can attach your phone to different services.
Handy grip★★★★★ Got one from Kickstarter, came back for another. Sturdy alternative to other hand grips
Adaptable and sturdy!★★★★★ This slim profile grip is essentially two parts. The beak which you hold and the base which adhears to the phone. The two pieces are both leather and attached to each other using very nearly a full half of their surface area. Because of this I have no fear of them coming apart any time soon. Furthermore the contact point between them is non mobile, so I could probably fix it with glue IF it detaches due to a freak accident. The designers used nearly the entire back side of the base half for adheasion. The large size of the sticking surface means that it will never peel off, and the high quality of the gel pad means it can be reused. If you misalign the placement of the grip you can readjust it, or go as is, because the supporting edge is flat, and not round, your mistake will not be exaggerated when placing it down. The beak portion is all one part with the magnets inside the leather. The hinges and moving parts are, again, one single piece, reducing the chance of breakage or other issues. Because of the beak’s shape there are further options for holding it than displayed. I found myself ‘cupping’ it, in a very organic and comfortable way almost like I was holding a rock. There is some slight discomfort for some of the edges when new, but because of the fact that it is made of actual leather the issues are already starting to fade within an hour, just like with new shoes. This is an excellent product and I recommend it fully.
Do it all phone grip★★★★★ So I’ve tried different phone grips like ohsnap, popsocket, moft, phone rings.this one is in my opinion the best one. The holes to grip your phone are nice and comfortable doesn’t bother you after using it for a few minutes. The stand is very nice and sturdy holds my galaxy s21 ultra in both angles without tipping over. The magnet is plenty strong to hold up my phone. It looks like it’s going to last for a long time but only time will tell. Only problem I had is the extra magnet I had didn’t work. The glue came off very easy. I haven’t tried using nfc payment yet but I don’t doubt it will work. Overall can really recommend this phome grip!
Favorite grip and stand ★★★★★ Was an original backer, and buying one here, too, because I really like these. I’ve used a couple of other grips (e.g., popsockets, backed a different type of grip that I hated, etc.) and this is by far my favorite. The pop socket is fine, but sticks out a little and honestly, gets a little tiring for my fingers if I use it for a long time. This allows you finger to just slide through and no real “grip” required. Plus it flattens down to be really thin on the phone. The only downsides I have is some people might think it a bit big when it’s folded out, but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest (actually helps with the way it fits in my palm). Additionally, for about the first few days to a week, the leather material at the edges where you slide your finger in is a little stiff, so it’s almost a bit sharp, for lack of a better word. Within the week, though, it’s perfect (found this when first using it, and when switching from my older one to a newer one). So not only am I buying more for me (had a pop socket come off and almost dropped my new phone at the time into the water, so now super glue all holders to a case, as I never change my cases) but also buying for the gf, as she does change cases fairly regularly. Also works perfectly as a stand both vertically and horizontally. Definitely well designed and recommended by me. tldr: favorite grip-type thing, works excellently as a stand, but if the slot around where your finger goes bothers you at all, give it a week to soften, and then you’ll never notice it


Q1. I’m worried about whether it’s a size that can be attached to my smartphone.
The stand size of beak is length: 73 mm x width: 60 mm. Even including the adhesive attachment, the length is 93 mm, so it can be used on most smartphones without any problems. However, it does not support smartphones with uneven backs.
Q2. It is said that it is water resistant, but can it be used in pools without any problems?
It can be used without problems, but it is not intended to be left in water for a long time. Please refrain from immersion as much as possible so that it can be used for a long time.
Q3. Does the adhesive sheet deteriorate due to heat?
We have confirmed in the durability test that it can be used normally in an environment from -10 ° C to + 65 ° C. The part that is crimped by heat welding has also been endurance tested.
Q4. Is it possible to charge wirelessly with the “beak” attached?
I’m sorry. Wireless charging (Qi charging) is not supported due to the fact that metal is used on the back. When using wireless charging, we recommend that you attach the “beak” body to the smartphone case and remove the entire case when charging.
Q5. Do you support NFC payments?
Yes. It’s compatible. Please note that it may not respond when pasted on a thick smartphone case.
NFC position (YouTube)

Information desk

In case of initial failure, please send “Request for replacement” on Facebook Messanger.



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