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beak accesorry attachment beak accesorry attachment

beak’s accesorryAttachment


Magmount comfort everywhere.

Glass and smooth mirrors like windows may not be adhesive.


Exercise Machine


For those who want to watch videos while exercising. If you use the attachment on the slope, you can watch movies in a horizontal position.

Bath room

Dressing room

Do you like to bring your smartphone into the bath? You can place it on the wall after the bath.

Convenient when taking pictures


Fixed angle shooting at a fixed position. 2 attachments can be used for more stability.

※1 Precautions for Attachment

  • Depending on the texture of the wall, it may not be adhesive.
  • As a guide, the maximum continuous use time in a new state is about 30 minutes to 1 hour. (Recommended for use in landscape)
  • Since the gel sheet is small, it is not suitable for smartphones with a large skeleton and heavy weight. (Weight up to 7.7oz (220g) is recommended)
  • If you wash the “Gel sheet” with a little soap, the oil will be removed and it will be very clean.

Usage Scenes

How to shoot in portrait mode?
How to shoot in portrait mode?

beak has two magnet-sensitive points. By attaching an attachment to each of them, it can be used in portrait mode.

To secure a work space on a desk
To secure a work space on a desk

Because it is an adhesive sheet, you can use it anywhere with ease. For quick access to stationery.

Attach the key to the front door.
Attach the key to the door.

Don’t forget to lock the door when you go out.


Gel Sheet




beak mag

beak mag