Human Natures

GripStand “beak” Pre-sale on official shop

Launched official store

Crowdfunding has ended & the beak sale date is about to begin. Prior to that, the official website has started selling in advance as an official shop.

The EC site has adopted Shopify.

Choice of Settlement Method

There are various settlement methods.

How to use coupon codes

There are still few products, but we plan to increase the number of promising products on a regular basis in the future.
Please, stay tuned for future Human Natures activities.

Human Natures : CDO
Arimoto Dev. Inc. : CEO
Marcy Arimoto



【新色3羽】new beak が全7色展開になりました。

【取扱店舗】beak [ビーク] って実際どこで触れるの?

MagSafe完全対応!beak mag [ビーク・マグ]


プラスチック汚染とは 第5章「さいごに」


株式会社リクルート様 よりブランディングのご依頼がありました

You can get 500 yen on Twitter !?

How to use the Attachment included with beak & precautions for use