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Compatibility of beak with smartphone cases: Ranking by material

Adhesive gel sheet on the back of beak has its strengths & weaknesses depending on the material.
We hope you find this video helpful in selecting a case.

1st → Deff Ultra Slim & Light Case DURO

2nd → Deff CRYTONE

3rd → Polycarbonate case

4th → TPU case

5th → Apple Silicone case

👇 Compatibility:◎
★ Polycarbonate

★ Aramid fiber
【Deff】Ultra Slim & Light Case DURO

👇 Compatibility:○
★ Polypropylene

【Deff】CRYTONE TESiV Clean Case

👇 Compatibility:△
TORRAS Shiny Series

👇 Compatibility:×
★ Tempered glass

★ Silicon


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