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new beak: explanation of the update & how to recognize it.

The name “new beak” has been changed back to “beak”.


“beak” has been reborn with the new name “new beak” after receiving a lot of feedback from users.
We have made minor updates to the product, keeping the name as it is.

What has changed?

We will briefly inform you.

Also, the packaging has been changed, so we will inform you “how to distinguish between Ver.1 & Ver.2” at the end.

5 improvements

1. now feels like a living creature with a soft & moist texture.

Ver.1 was made of a material that was absorbent to the hand so that it would not slip off even when folded.

Ver. 2 has a moist & luxurious feel to the touch, while maintaining the same hand-absorbing effect. The new version is more adorable & feels like you are touching a real living creature.

In addition, the same performance is used for the backing material, making it more resistant to scratches caused by fingernails. 2.

2. The magnetic force of the stand magnet has been reduced to make it easier to fold.

Ver.1 had a tendency to be difficult to fold because the stand magnet was strong, & there was concern that folding itself would become a chore & people would not get into the habit of folding it.

In Ver.2, the size of the magnet was adjusted & its magnetic force was revised downward, making it easier to close & less likely to cause damage to the frame.

3. beautifully implemented edges

In Ver.1, the edges was applied only to “Kujaku White”. The reason for this is due to water marks that occur only on the white color. The edges was applied to prevent water from seeping through the edges of the fabric & changing the color only while the fabric was wet.

In Ver.2, “Yatagarasu Black” is also treated with the edges. Even though the fabric itself is water repellent, if we can prevent water from penetrating even a little, it will result in increased durability.
In addition, the beak has been made into a ring shape, which reduces the burden on the fingers when holding it through the fingers & makes it more comfortable to hold than ever before. This makes it more comfortable to hold than ever before.

4. Finger hole has been enlarged by 2mm.

In Ver.1, the diameter of the finger hole was “23mm x 20mm”. This size is easy to use, but a little tight for my fingers. Ver.2 has a larger finger hole diameter than Ver.1.

In Ver.2, the overall size was kept the same, but only the hole size was changed to “25mm x 20mm”. This makes it easier for users with thicker fingers to use the product comfortably without feeling tightness.

5. Improved retention of Attachment.

In Ver.1, the top of the attachment was slightly indented to make it easier to insert fingers when raising the stand with fingers, from the viewpoint of being able to keep the attachment at the bottom of the stand.

In Ver.2, the dimple was eliminated, & the shape was changed to a throttle to improve the holding power of the attachment itself.

Easy way to distinguish beak & new beak.

The one with the “Good Design Award” logo on the lower left corner of the package is the new beak.

That’s all.

This minor update is a crystallization of your feedback & comments.

We would like to continue to incorporate many of your comments & suggestions, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
We are looking forward to receiving your messages from the following social networking sites.

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