Human Natures

Product development: new brand “Human Natures” launched & website released


Thank you for visiting our brand’s website, among other websites. At this time, our company (Arimoto Development Co., Ltd., founded in 1973) has launched a new brand “Human Natures” that develops & creates products focusing on the environment & the environment of the work body with the aim of improving life. We have decided to release the product on a regular basis.

Wishes of Human Natures

There are two wishes that triggered the launch of this brand. These wishes are at the heart of branding as a corporate vision.

First wish ..

To solve many problems that people living now have with products.

Another wish ..

Actively participate in IR activities & provide an environment that should be preserved for future generations.

We can not change the past, but ..

In order to realise these wishes, we will look at the “modern & the future” through our products & develop products that will please everyone who chooses them, so please look for “Human Natures” in the future. Thank you for your cooperation.


DGP モバイルアワード 2023 を受賞しました

new beak: explanation of the update & how to recognize it.

祝!2021年度 グッドデザイン賞にbeakが受賞!


プラスチック汚染とは 第3章「世界の現状」

株式会社リクルート様 よりブランディングのご依頼がありました

Steel Pad for Kitchen


About replacement of beak for initial defective products